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Photo – The shoreline restoration at the Sycamore Park District Golf Course is complete. Yesterday, representatives from the Sycamore Park District, DeKalb County Community Foundation (IL), DeKalb County Watersheds and ENCAP, Inc. gathered to view the site and the 3 new interpretive signs (at tees 10, 13 and 15). Even though the project has been underway for only four months, park district staff have already seen several positive effects on water management and golf course maintenance. Over the next 3 years, ENCAP will continue monitoring and maintain the site. As the native plants become established, we will see a beautiful wetland landscape emerge as well as even more benefits to water management and quality, erosion control and reduced maintenance costs. The Park District sincerely thanks the partnering agencies who made this project possible and is proud to be the home of such an important initiative…the benefits will flow beyond the banks and into our community! – Visit this link to learn more about DeKalb County Watersheds and the great things they are doing to keep our waterways healthy and sustainable.