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The 4th Annual Run What You Brung is a must see event! This is the last event for the 2016 race season. We will be racing on both tracks and will be including demos and figure 8s. Times are as follows: 4:00 PM Pit Gates Open. 4:30 PM Draw for Qualifing (big track drivers) 5:00 PM Driver’s Meeting All Drivers…. After driver’s meeting Pit Tower open for draw for heat positions for Small track drivers. 5:00 PM Grandstands Open. 5:30 PM Qualifying Start with Races to Follow Multiple demos!!!! Drivers: Your car must have a full cage in order to run the big track. If it does not you will be running the small track. Big track drivers: You will draw for qualifying and will be granted 1 qualifying time. Events will be arranged according to qualifying time with mixed classes. Small track drivers: You will draw for position for heats. Feature lineups based on finish of heats. Order of events (Tentative): Heats (6 laps, slowest to fastest-big track) Heats (6 laps, lineup determined by draw) Features: Feature A: 30 laps. $1250.00 to win. $100.00 to start. Feature B: 25 laps. $700.00 to win. $75.00 to start. Feature C: 20 laps. $400.00 to win. $50.00 to start. Features A, B, and C will be on the big track and feature lineups determined by heat finishes. Feature D: 20 laps. $250.00 to win. Top 10 payout. Feature D will be on small track. Feature lineup will be determined by Heat finishes. Depending on car count there may be Feature E (same payout, same laps). 2- Figure 8s–Socker Stocker & Mini Van/Small SUV Multiple Demolition Derbies. At minimum a Socker Stocker (V6), Mini Van/Small SUV, Compact (4 cyl) & Full Size (V8). Each demo has same payout. $500 to win/$250 for 2nd/$125 for 3rd.