Art Club

Ages 6-10 Children create art through a variety of media in a fun and exploratory atmosphere. New lessons and themes are taught each session to encourage children to use their imaginations as they create new projects. Kids – wear clothes you can get dirty!  Community Center MPR C

Hip Hop/Jazz Combo

Ages 3-12 Learn how to dance to your favorite hip hop beats just like in the music videos. Join us for this fun dance class, little to no dance experience required. Learn traditional jazz moves and basic hip hop moves to today’s popular music hits. Attire: movable, non-baggy clothes, jazz, ballet, or tennis shoes with “slick” soles and hair pulled back. Community Center MPR B

Intro to Dance

Ages 3-6 Students will be introduced to basic dance technique styles in ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Students will get to be creative and explore different types of movement. Learn fun dance routines and playing dance-inspired games to help learn new skills. This class will give students a taste of what dance classes are like and help them discover what styles of dance they enjoy the most! Community Center MPR

Little Tumblers

Ages 3-9 Tumbling is a great way for kids to develop basic motor skills, coordination, strength, and social skills. This class is designed for young eager children who want to learn basic tumbling. It will teach your child a variety of things such as: bunny hops, handstands, forward rolls, balance beam techniques, cartwheels and much more. Community Center Gym

NEW!  Mommy and Me Zumba

Ages 6+ Combine the fun of a living room dance party with the benefits of instilling healthy lifestyle habits when you and your child move, groove and stay healthy together. Learn purposeful, but fun movements to some of the latest hit tunes and show your kids that wellness is important and fun! Community Center Studio

NEW!  Zumba

Ages 16+ Are you looking for a “feel-happy” workout? Zumba infuses Latin and international music and dance themes into a dynamic, exciting exercise experience unlike any other. Based on the principle that a workout should be “Fun and easy to do,” this combo class of cardio, toning and sculpting is for anyone who wants to get their body moving! Community Center Studio

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Ages 16+ Observe how your body moves by connecting each inhale and exhale to an enriching yoga pose.  This class is the total yoga experience you’re looking for, from a calming warm up to balance training, stretching, restorative postures and guided meditation. Class is suitable for all levels. Please bring a yoga mat. You must be able to stand up and sit down independently. Community Center Studio

Stretch and Flex Yoga

Ages 16+ What if in one hour you could lengthen and relax your body and bring harmony to your life? This class can help you do just that through stretching, Hatha/Vinyasa yoga poses and guided meditation to help the mind fully relax. This is a beginner friendly class. Please bring a yoga mat. Community Center Studio

NEW!  Hatha Flow Yoga

Ages 16+ Challenge yourself with Hatha & Vinyasa style poses to work the core, improve balance, and tone muscle throughout your body. Variation Sun Salutations A & B will be incorporated as a warm up and class will end with a guided meditation. Class is suitable for all levels, though prior yoga experience will be helpful. Please bring a yoga mat. You must be able to sit down and stand up independently. Community Center Studio

NEW!  Restorative Yoga

Ages 16+ End your day with a restorative, pure zen and relaxing experience. Poses will be held for 3-5 minutes using props and certain poses to help stretch and get deep into the muscles’ fascia. Class is suitable for all levels. Please bring a yoga mat. Community Center Studio

NEW!  Kettlebell Strength Training

Ages 16+ Kettlebells are taking over the fitness industry helping to achieve dynamic, effective and fun workouts for all fitness levels. If you’re looking for a new route to reach your wellness goals, check out this class that uses kettlebells in a fun and controlled environment. Community Center Studio

NEW!  Fit over 50

Ages 50+ As you age, physical fitness becomes a crucial component of your overall well-being. Learn safe exercises and proper techniques with an array of different equipment. All fitness leves, ages 50 and over are welcome.  Community Center Studio

NEW!  Indoor/Outdoor Bootcamp

Ages 16+ Fresh air, green grass, and sunshine are all important elements to an effective and energizing workout. Get outside and enjoy the summer weather while crushing this unique workout. All fitness levels are welcome. Community Center Gym

NEW!  Indoor Cycling

Ages 16+ If you’re at the trailhead or have already embarked on your fitness journey, cycling can add a unique change of pace. This high-energy class with great music and a motivating instructor provides a mixture of flats, hills and sprints while burning calories along the way! Community Center Studio

NEW!  Full Body Bootcamp

Ages 16+ Interval training is the new trend in the fitness world. It is a great way for all fitness levels to workout and grow at their own pace. Marcus’ expertise and passion for creating unique workouts keeps participants interested and challenged allowing them to experience fitness in a way that is enjoyable and effective. Community Center Gym


Ages 16+ Ladies, they say building muscle is essential to our wellness. Women on Weights (WOW) teaches you how to incorporate free weights into your workouts. Free weights help improve your posture, increase strength and lose body mass. Be prepared for a positive mind and body transformation! Community Center Studio

NEW!  Circuit (HIIT)

Ages 16+ WARNING: Approaching rapid weight loss. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a technique that combines intense bursts of exertion with short recovery periods. This method keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time than low intensity exercise. Community Center Gym