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Photo – Thank you all for your support throughout our 54 years in the community. We really couldn’t do it with out you! The next bit is written by one of our management team, John Salovesh. It has nothing to do with the business side of what we do, but about community. Hi all! Please pardon the shameless self promotion. Part of being a family business, is being a part of the community that we serve. Inboden’s Meats LTD. is PROUD to join the scores of community businesses that have chosen to give back to a community member that needs a little help right now. I have had the great pleasure of growing up here in DeKalb, and as part of the community that I call home, I have made many great friends along the way. One of Them is Dwight Martin. Dwight was recently diagnosed with Paroxsymal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria, a rare, life-threatening disease. His family, along with NUMEROUS local folks have gotten together to hold a fundraiser to help the family with medical costs and expenses. There will be music, food, raffles, silent auctions… Thank you for checking it out. If you have any questions, please message me here on FB, J.p. Salovesh.