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Photo – One order of fish, coming right up! A few weeks ago, Richmond Fisheries stocked Sycamore Lake and the pond at Old Mill Park with a variety of bass, bluegill, channel catfish crappie, sunfish and minnows. Today, they added Northern Pike. In all, Sycamore Lake received 620 young fish and 50 pound of minnows! The pond at Old Mill Park has been stocked with 207 fish and 16 pounds of minnows. Stocking fish not only supports recreational fishing, it also helps maintain proper algae levels and suppresses some of the invasive or less desirable fish species – promoting a healthy ecosystem. Fishing is available in the following Sycamore Parks: Chief Blackpartridge Nature Preserve, Old Mill Park, Parkside Preserve, Sycamore Sports Complex & Sycamore Lake