Today's Fact

October 26th

Days on Venus are of variable length - tomorrow may be as much as 20 minutes longer than today.

Previous Facts of the Day


In 2016, a Florida man threw an alligator through a restaurant's drive-through window. He was charged with "assault with a deadly weapon."


In 1913, the US chemist T.L. Williams mixed Vaseline with coal dust to create the first commercially marketed mascara.


Curse of the seven snotty orphans on you. ~IRISH CURSE


The first known chili recipe used human flesh for meat.


The 1911 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica stated that if a soldier was caught on enemy territory with the intent to collect information, he was not a spy unless wearing a disguise.


Orchids suffer from jetlag: after a long journey a plant that usually opens its leaves in the morning will open its leaves at night and take a few days to readjust.


Swedish-built cars (Saabs, Volvos) are specifically reinforced so that the occupants will survive if you hit a moose.


After a rabbi discovered in 2004 that New York City's tap water contains tiny crustaceans called copepods, the city's tap water is no longer considered kosher.